Multisensory Structured Language Tuition and Resources

MSL Home School offers literacy support out of the class room. One on one or small group sessions help students to learn in a way that:

  • Is styled to their preferred way of learning.

  • Engages them at a level that builds confidence.

  • Is tailored to their interests.

Welcome to MSL Home School

Our fun, interactive sessions include a mixture, of visual, audio and hands on activities where students can make literacy progress in a supportive and engaging environment. These sessions aim to:

  1. Boost students self belief.
  2. Create a sense of enjoyment to learn.
  3. Help students to relax, to grow, and to reach their full academic potential.

Our Vision:

To make a life long difference to students who have difficulty learning to read and spell.

Specialist Educator:

Hi I’m Nicola! 

I am a practicing MSL Educational Specialist (IMSLE Aus) working in Education Support for seven years.

I have been supporting students with Autism, Attention Deficit Disorders and Dyslexia along with many other students who have no diagnosis but who have real difficulty learning or retaining literacy skills. 

Australian Dyslexia Association Logo
Australian Dyslexia Association Logo
Nicola Tucker MSL Home School

MSL Home School is dedicated to providing quality resources to support students learning and literacy instruction both in schools and in homes. 

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Based in Crib Point on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria


M-F: 2pm - 8pm  S-S: Closed

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