MSL A5 Flash Cards


A5 sized cards allow easy distance view.

Can be used for whole class, small group, or individual instruction.

Bright inspirational photo images for increased memory retention.

Mat-laminated 300gsm art board reduces reflection and improves grip when handling the cards.

This Pack Includes 30 Cards; a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z and digraphs: sh ch th wh in Victorian Cursive Script font.

Vowels in the pack are identified for learning by red print. Digraphs in the pack are blue.

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Suggested use:

  1. Ensure student/s are seated appropriately for good visual access.
  2. Educator selects a card, e.g., says A (name) says /a/ (Sound) ‘Apple’.
  3. Students repeat; A(name) /a/ (sound) ‘Apple’.
  4. If students are unsure, the educator will give the name or a sound prompt. These more difficult cards can then be set aside and repeated as necessary.

Notes: The letters S, A, T, P, I, N would be a popular choice for many to start with depending on classroom goals and student ability.

Additional letters can then be taught and added, based on pace of student/s learning.

As per 2. above, once cards are explicitly taught, the educator will hold up a single card and rotate through the pack (or selected letters from the pack) in random order.

Picture names can be left out once students are ready.

Students unsure of sounds will learn by listening to other students in a group setting.

A4 Posters and Alphabet Desk Strips, containing the same images are available for purchase and are ideal for students to be supported consistently with these learning materials.

Consistent resources can help students to learn and retain letter sounds, letter names and letter formations.

Matching resources have proven to be hugely successful within a classroom environment. With students quietly (and sometimes excitedly!) matching the pictures and checking for similarities in alphabet ordering and vowel colours.

Passive learning begins to take place as soon as students notice the pictures are the same between resources.

Available in a range of font styles: • Victorian Modern Cursive Script • NSW Foundation Font • Other font style orders can be placed by contacting us.

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